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For buyers – That “deal” you’ve been looking for? Forget it. There is no such thing as a deal, but there is such a thing as making a smart purchase, but because real estate has largely been democratized and is massively syndicated via MLS and online, you will not be first to stumble on a deal. Those days went away with my waistline.

What you will need to do to get the home of your dreams is simple. Get prequalified, understand the market realities of the neighborhood you want to live in, and call an experienced and connected agent, such as myself to get your foot in the door on the ideal property for you.

Once we find your ideal home, we contact the selling agent and feel out the selling side, once we understand what it will take, we strike with a clean, professionally written offer that will be accepted. Get ready to move in!

For sellers – Want to get the most money for your home? The more money we get for your home, the more money I take home. I’m as vested in maximizing your sales price as anybody, but we will not be able to do this if we don’t have the right pricing strategy.

Getting you the most money for your home comes down to two things: Marketing and Pricing Strategy.  I get my sellers the most money for their homes and I do it faster than other agents. Call me and I’ll explain how we do this!



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