Search Engine Optimization or (SEO) as it is commonly referred to really means, “How do I get my business to the top of Google?”

SEO is both an art and a science. Utilizing SEO techniques your website can be made to “rank” higher in Google’s eyes, hence allowing your website to appear higher, and hopefully on Google’s first page of results (SERP).

Proper SEO is an ongoing effort. Ongoing because search engine algorithms can change more than once per year and also because every time a new piece of content is put up on your website, it needs to be done according to SEO best practices. There is also an aspect of SEO called “Off Page SEO”. This in large part entails engaging other websites and social media sites with the intent of promoting your site from outside of your site.


Proper SEO techniques should be applied when your website is first designed but should also be applied after your website is up and running. Without going into too much detail at this stage, you should consider SEO an investment that will take a period of time to properly undertake. That period of time can be a couple of months or can be ongoing for the life of your website.

But the investment will pay off.

SEO does not have to be either complicated or expensive. Understanding core SEO principals and applying them a little bit at a time will net you big returns over time.

However if you would like to power up your SEO efforts to realize results sooner than later, I am here for you!



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